Fogo Lightscape (Hanne Lamon).jpeg

fogo light(scape) — Hanne Lamon (2010)

€ 650

30 cm (width) x 40 cm (height) of the picture
40 cm (width) × 50 cm (height) of the print (including white border)

Printed on Hahnemühle matt FineArt paper
Framed in ayous, painted white, non-reflecting glass

Limited edition of 5 (+ 1 artist proof)
With certificate of authenticity

Different framing can be discussed. In this case, the final price may vary.


Hanne about Fogo Light(scape):

This was photographed in Cape Verde, ten years ago on a trip with my partner, who's roots are there. Cape Verde consists of some 10 islands, of which one is vulcanic.

I made a series of landscapes from the area where his parents were born and raised. There is nothing left now: the landscapes are deserted, with almost invisible traces of a past.

Fogo light(scape) is shot in a village covered in lava. Instead of facing the volcano, this picture was taken in the other direction, towards what it created.