Quiet Company
Quiet Company
Discover talent in photography and illustration: original, honest and simply beautiful.

Quiet Company (based in Ghent, Belgium) is new and ambitious. I select and sell work of talent in photography and illustration. Originality, integrity and beauty are key words.


Simple is beautiful

Art does not have to be inaccessible, difficult to understand or privileged.


Fewer but better things

In a digital world, we long for high quality objects that last a lifetime. Quiet Company chooses high quality print and framing, without compromise.


Originality is key

We offer prints in limited editions. It’s not about big profit; we’re here to create something the artist and the buyer can be proud of.


Support talented artists

We decide together on pricing, finishing and number of editions. The artist is involved in every step of the process.


Enjoy the little things

Enjoy them, because that’s all there is, whether you’re asking Denis Leary or Pinterest. Treat yourself to a Quiet Companion: a slice of joy, every time it meets your eye.


Who am I?

My name is Marie Kips (34). I live in Ghent, Belgium with my partner and two young sons.

Half of the time, I’m in charge of communication at Muziekclub Democrazy, but my lifelong passions are art and interior design. I had a wall of magazine cutouts as a teenager and studied Art History later on. I still devour magazines & blogs and overdose on Instagram candy of thoughtful and well designed interiors.

I want to help beginning artists to show their fantastic work to a bigger crowd. I contact artists or they contact me, and we select a few pictures, graphic works or illustrations. I look for timelessness and simple beauty, of the art and the people I work with.

Questions? Email me.

Quiet Company is looking for artists.

I focus on artists that are not yet of big fame: photographers, illustrators and graphic designers at the start of their career. You’re proud of your work, but afraid to sell your soul along with it. Quiet Company wants to offer a beautiful collection of works, and aims to better the artist and the buyer.

How does it work?

I contact artists or they contact me. We choose works, decide on dimensions, number of editions, print and paper, framing and price. I promote the artworks online through my website and social media, and offline on different types of public display. I strongly focus on the works as decorative pieces, that are best shown in a thoughtfully designed interior.

Want to know more?

Quiet Company is my brand new business. I’m not on my own: I seek the advice of artists and entrepeneurs.
Would you like to discuss working together? Email me and we’ll meet.

Quiet Company is looking for places to sell and/or show artworks from the collection.

A piece of art with a beautiful story lightens up any space. It might let your thoughts wander off, start a conversation or trigger an emotion. This extra dimension is lacking from a lot of interior design stores. But also coworking spaces, waiting rooms, or restaurants might want to inspire.

Are you interested in showing and/or selling Quiet Company pieces in your space? Email me and we can work something out!